Film & Commercial

Our team has provided movie horses and stunt services to the film industry for the past 30 years. We’ve been involved in the development of many popular feature films. Below you can find a list of titles that we’ve worked on.

Films We’ve Worked On

Zulu Dawn, Shaka Zulu, The Hangman’s Daughter, Cecil John Rhodes, The Ghost in the Darkness, Bopha, I’m for the Hippo’s, The Devil’s Whore, A Day at the Races, The Lost World, Ben Brandt, Allan Quartermaine, Rage to Kill, Cry the Beloved Country, Derby, Jock of the Bushveld, The Adventures of Sinbad, The Little Unicorn, Monsieur N, 12 days of Terror, The Young Black Stallion, King Solomon’s Mines, The Ring of the Niebeling, Racing Stripes, Librarian 2, ER, 10 000 BC, America, The Story Of Us.

We specialize in the supplying of trained horses, mules, and donkeys for the film industry. With a variety of over 180 horses of different breeds, shape, sizes, and colors, are arguably the largest supplier in South Africa. and have almost anything that is required.

What can we offer you?

WVA offers normal riding horses that are totally safe to work within the film environment. Our specialized stunt horses are trained to fall, rear, carriage drive, and do liberty work. If you have any unique requirements, our horses can also be trained to suit these. In addition to all of this, we boast a large collection of different saddles, bridles, harnesses, and carriages as well as farm equipment for set dressing.

Michelle and Gavin are both licensed animal trainers and work with extremely experienced wranglers in all equestrian fields. All horses have the necessary vaccinations and requirements to travel all over South Africa and neighboring countries.

We also operate Wine Valley Horse Trails which offers horse riding and quad biking adventures in the Cape Winelands. Suitable for your clients, guests, and crew, whilst visiting South Africa. Wine tastings, sundowner trails; and a wonderful restaurant can all be arranged. Actors and crew can also get riding and stunt instruction as required.

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